Naked Olympics by Tony PerrottetI met Tony at the NY Times Travel Show, and man is he fun. That venue was way too small for him and I wished he’d had a whole seminar instead of just a signing. Who am I talking about?

Tony Perrottet is the author of The Naked Olympics and Pagan Holiday. Born an Aussie, it seems he’s been traveling ever since. While he once covered the Shining Path war in Peru, drug running in Colombia and several military rebellions in Argentina, Manhattan in NYC has been his home base for more than ten years.

Come meet Tony in SF this week:

Pagan Holiday by Tony Perrottet DATE:Wednesday, March 30th
TIME: 12noon to 2pm
WHAT: lunchtime reading from Pagan Holiday and Q and A
WHERE: Macy’s Union Square (in the footwear department!)
WHY: Live entertainment while Rockport launches a new shoe line

DATE: Thursday, March 31st
TIME: 6-8pm
WHAT: He’ll be signing books, chatting and hanging out at a cocktail party at Macy’s Union Square — free drinks and canapes!
WHERE: In the footwear dept where all martinis taste better

You can also get to know Tony via Rolf’s interview of him on


  1. Will you be attending? If so, eager to hear your comments. Sounds like a fascinating guy. Put in a request for his, The Naked Olympics at the library.

  2. Hi Mary! I’m bummed to say that I won’t be attending. The Thursday night martini fest should be good fun, but I’ll be in Vegas as of lunch time that day.

    Wed I’ll be in Palo Alto and just can’t take more time off work right now to go up in the middle of the day. Gotta bust my arse at TT because I’m making the big move in three weeks and we still have lots of work to get done on our spring list.

    Maybe someone else can comment, though.

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