bookstandardlogo.jpg“A Long Way to a Bestseller” came out in The Book Standard, yesterday, listing the top selling travel books according to BookScan. If you love books, this site and their newsletter is for you. Everytime I click a link, I say to myself, why am I not reading this every day!!!! Thankfully, it came up on my Google News Alert for Bill Bryson.

Books mentioned in Giles Elliott’s article include:

  • Long Way Round (Time Warner) by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
  • Attention All Shipping (Abacus) by Charlie Connelly
  • Narrow Dog to Carcassonne (Bantam) by Terry Darlington
  • A Land of Two Halves (Scribner) by Joe Bennett

Note: This is not the Top Five bestselling lists by Nielsen, you have to go read the article for that 🙂

My favorite mention was, “a late-in-life debut comes from Don Shaw, whose The Hike details the adventures of three retired friends walking across northern England.”

This is important because I think there are writers out there that think they are too old to start a book. And that is not the case. Look at Don!

What I didn’t like to hear is that Giles said “the market is going nowhere fast…”

Lets prove them wrong, eh folks? Fall travel book authors, lets kick some arse! Elliott will show them, and I’ll have my crack, too!

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  1. Ooops! WorldHum posted about this, too…

    Susan, do you think you could look up on Book Scan how many sales Ewan Baby made to get that top slot? I’m curious as to what it takes and what kind of a climb we have ahead of us….Thanks!

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