Breaking news from the travel-publishing industry: Discovery’s Travel Channel has bought over Vagabondish. First it was World Hum, now this — both are great examples of small scale, personal projects making it big because of sheer dedication and quality content.

Mike Richard, who created the blog-turned-magazine about 18-months ago, will remain the editor-in-chief and the writers will continue writing but will now be part of a payment scheme (yaay for them!). As new things are in the pipeline for Vagabondish and expansion is inevitable, it might be a good time to pitch some stories to them.

Big congratulations from the Written Road team to Vagabondish!


  1. Thank you for your well wishes and your kind words, Abha! It’s very kind of you.

    Alas, it was all part of this year’s April Fool’s Day gag.

    I’ve been overwhelmed and surprised by the groundswell of support we received on the “news”, which is very kind of our readers and supporters.

    Happy April Fool’s!
    -Mike Richard, Editor

  2. ARGH 🙂 Good one, BUT BUT BUT Mike Richard you posted it on the 31st! Very cheeky, I’d almost say it doesn’t count, but I fell for it anyway. Sigh.

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