Sorry it’s been a while since my last post here. Between a Spanish exam and a (super) trip to Galicia and Finnisterre (“The End of the World!”), I’ve only just managed to get myself organised again.

A website I visit on and off is Travel Rants. Launched in April of 2005 by Darren Cronian, the website is a pleasant, informative yet fun mix of travel industry news & opinion, blogging, travel gear updates, offers, travel ideas alongside some random ranting.

The site has just launched a travel ‘blog-a-thon’ challenge. You don’t need to have a blog (but those budding writers who don’t, start a blog!); all you have to do:

• Write a blog post no more than 350 words
• It must be useful for travellers and travel consumers
• It must be unique
• You can include links to other travel sites [but not your own!]

• The deadline is midday [GMT] on the 31 May 2007

€200 worth of Amazon vouchers to the winner
Lonely Planet Guide’s and t-shirts for runners-up.

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