Here are some travel reads that have crossed my desk recently…hopefully you can check them out….just in case I don’t find the time.

Frank Bures’s book review of Paul Theroux’s Blinding Light, “Sex, Drugs and Fish Salad,” [World Hum]

“Timbuktu for the Timid,” by Cynthia Barnes, a contributor to Whose Panties Are These? [MSN Slate’s Well Traveled]

Hobart’s Travel Issue is out and online! I was supposed to contribute to this and damn if I’m not pissed I couldn’t get it together. Rolf has a story in there and I’m dying to dig through all this. Aaron Burch is the editor. Maybe he can tell us where we can buy the print version. [Hobart: A Literary Journal]

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  1. Jen – Hi!

    I’m so glad you postedthis! I was just thinking that the Book Passage needs a weekend web cam but an update from staff is even better. Have a blast, and please, keep up the updates.

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