It’s not often that good-quality travel-writing workshops come to Europe. Other than Rolf Pott’s July Paris workshop, I’m not aware of any other regular one. It’s annoying all the good ones are normally in the US, so when I hear of ones in Europe I get more excited than normal! 🙂

This year, from April 20-26, 2008, will be holding a travel-writing workshop in Rome that will be conducted by acclaimed instructors Marcus Donner and Amanda Castleman. Together they have 35 years of experience and their work has appeared in the publications such as the The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler and The Christian Science Monitor.

In the course you will:
-Explore the genre and pitch strategies.
-Evolve your redrafting and self-editing chops.
-Discover your authorial voice, as you work on plot, structure and pacing tips from narrative nonfiction.
-The course also covers digital photography for reporters, travel-shooting skills and a “magic hour photo safari”.

For more details on course and prices, check out their website:

For inquiries, email info[at]


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