Travelwise Online

At first glance this travel web site has the look and feel of an old cookie cutter personal page…but in reading the writers guidelines you’ll see that this is a good resource for writers trying to make their start. If you’re trying to get your first press trip, they give letters of assignment to “our multi-published freelancers” (which I’m taking to mean, repeat authors on their site).

Travelwise Online Writers Guidelines

They pay a $25 honorarium (waived if story is based on a press trip), and accept prepublished pieces. Writer’s Digest voted them #8 world-wide, out of the 25 Best Places To Get Published Online. Editor is Vic Foster.


  1. This is a great recommendation. I have mixed feelings about their stated policy of taking additional rights to publish in their newspaper chain (without additional pay, from the way I read it). Good exposure and a way to gather clips, I suppose. But somehow it seems a small honorarium should be added if they choose to use it for other purposes. I assume they notify the writer if the piece is used in print, so at least a credit/clip is gained. Btw, I always find your weblog useful. SO glad you’re here 🙂

  2. Thanks Rabbit. I’ll take that as a hint to come back pdq! 🙂 Sorry for the delay. I received more blog fanmail today, so I will make the extra effort. I have tons of posts backlogged and finally a day off from the grind to get to it!

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