You’ve written your book and managed to convince an agent to sell it for you. Your agent has managed to sell it to a publisher. The publisher’s publicist has managed to get you a TV gig. Now what?

Obviously the journey of making a book doesn’t happen in a snap. There are a million steps in between. Especially: the publicist having a good media list, preparing the press release or press kit, getting it mailed, having the media outlet become interested, get it off their to-do list, have them call your publicist, the back and forth between the producer and the publicist for setting up an interview time, getting additional prep materials to the producer, the producer giving the materials to the talent, the talent familiarizing themselves with your book and— YOU. Now, here we are.

Now what? What are you going to wear? How can you prepare for the 2-10 minutes which you’ll be on air?

Here are a few links that might help.
TV Interview Tips for Authors
Preparing for TV and Radio Interviews
The TV and Radio Interview

I liked this specific advise from the last link.

“Smile. TV accentuates good and bad facial features. One technique that models use: Press your tongue against your top teeth when you smile (assuming you aren’t talking!).

To loosen up your face, concentrate on your forehead. If you have a mustache, you need to invest extra effort in facial gestures.

Sit up straight and on the edge of your seat to emphasize not only enthusiasm but also the best posture. When you sit back comfortably, you will look like you are slouching.

Cross your legs away from the camera.

Look at the interviewer, not the camera, unless doing a remote broadcast such as “Nightline.”

Don’t shift your eyes, even during questioning.”


  1. Good advice for writers and publicists alike here, Jen. “Keep crossed legs AWAY from the camera”…words to live by.

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