Believe it or not, if I could have a subscription to a travel magazine, I think I’d rather have a UK one. I love the NG mags over here, but between those, Outside, and big glossy travel slickers that seem to cater to the upper class — nothing really fits ME. Who am I? A girl who wants to get out there, but isn’t a newbie and isn’t an expert. Someone who loves adventure, but isn’t extreme.

So, I got pretty darn excited when I found Global Adventure on the newsracks at Borders this week. What attracted me? Title and photos first. A global adventure is what I want, and the photos of Africa made me feel like I was right there with them. It didn’t seem to have the megabucks advertising behind it, though there was still plenty in there. Somehow, and maybe this is the foreign thing going for it, but it seemed to address a variety of budgets both in the travel it was promoting and the products that were being advertised. Global Adventure is edited by Dominic Tombs, and directed by Steve Duffy. Write them for guidelines or read what this market listing has to say.

Also new to me was Adventure Travel: Leave Home Now. And I can’t seem to find it online. But think a hybrid of the now defunct Trips Magazine, and Blue — only not nearly as in your face. Contact Steve Duffy for guidelines.

And then of course there is the lovely Wanderlust Magazine which I’ve been fond of for years. Rachel Newcombe has written up tips for writing to these markets and gives a contact info for each of them in Writing for UK Travel Magazines

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