Viva Travel Guide Books is holding a couple of week-long guidebook/travel writing crash courses over the next few months. They’re looking to train a select group of writers to be travel-writers; if you get chosen to part of the training, your internship will be to get out there and write a section of one of their guidebooks, i.e. getting published!

Quito, Ecuador: November 19th through 23rd, 2007.

Cost: The registration fee is a meager $25 (it’s their first camp); if you get selected and land-up writing something for their guidebook, some sort of per diem for you is in plan.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: January 6th through 12th, 2008.

Cost: $250.

Viva Travel Guide Books is new guidebook company focused primarily on Latin America, that offers all of their content for free online.

How to apply?
Although all you need to apply is writing experience and something published, the application process is pretty thorough, check it out carefully before you apply.

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  1. Hi Abha,

    I find this site really useful. I have been accepted to the Bolivia bootcamp next May which I am really pleased about. Hopefully it will give me a chance to learn and show what I can do and get published. I can’t wait.

    Thanks for providing such useful links and information.

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