Current Location: Bed, Home, Las Vegas, NV

Current Weather: 99F yesterday

Current Reads: Thong stories

Days in Vegas since the move: 35

Cheapest price of unleaded gas I’ve found: $2.25

Average number of times I get hit on in a day: 1

Number of people buying me a fake engagement ring for my birthday so it cuts out the sleezy ones: 1

Number of guys that actually piqued my interest: 2

Percentage of these men that turned out to be married: 50%

Times I told ring buyer that the one she was picking out was way too big: 4

Other women I’ve met this week that use this barrier: 1

Where they use it: airplanes

Poker friends that got a free seat into the World Series of Poker: 3

Times I saw Daniel Negreanu play poker with 1 million dollars on the table: 1

Hours it took me to write the post that followed: 7

Money I’ll get for writing that post: $8-$12

Bright yellow cars I’ve seen since Monday: 15

Latest time I’ve come home: 5 a.m.

Vegas pet peeve of the week: Limos without alcohol

Number of out of town friends that I’ve seen in Vegas this week: 3

Number of friends coming to town next week: 4

Number of dealers inviting me to pool parties at the Hard Rock: 1

Dealers treating me to dinner: 1

Casinos that I have a comp waiting for me: 1

Magazine articles I’m working on: 1

Number of friends offering to be my designated driver so I can let go a for the first time in a month: 1

Friends offering their husbands to be our designated driver for my birthday celebration: 1

Days until this party: 7

Vitamin waters I bought this week: 8

Bottles of champagne I bought this week: 1

What’s up with you?


  1. My birthday is May 30th but I’m celebrating it Saturday the 28th. Thanks for the wishes, Dusty. I just bought myself three presents for it! Back in high school we’d celebrate my birthday for a whole week and call it Jennifer Channukah. You could say I’m bringing that back for my 34th. 🙂

  2. Good idea…at you will have the long weekend to recover! But then u are not a corporate slave who counts every holiday..right?

    You in Las…brave!Ever need a bed in San Francisco let me know. Dusty can vouch for me..I think.

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