I found out that my two favorite places are currently running contests for free trips.

Vegas, Baby!
Submit your best Vegas story in 250 words, and you could “win a trip to Hollywood to play in a celebrity high-statkes charitable poker game with cast members from the NBC drama “Las Vegas” and attend the world premiere screening of the show before you jet off to Vegas to trump your own story”

Be a Travel Reporter
Travel.com.au is sponsoring a free trip to the Northern Territory, Vietnam and Cambodia, Africa, or as a lastminute.com Daredevil. See for yourself, all you have to do is tell them why you should win.

I took a look at sample entries for both of these and the writing was nothing that you should be intimidated by. I was right about to add that I wished I had time to do this, but after seeing the samples, I KNOW that I have time to do this. Just jot down one paragraph while you are “thinking” in the bathroom.

Only thing is you need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Only Australian residents for the Travel.com.au contest.

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