I'll let you guess who called us today:

1) OPRAH's producer asking for a book and press kit
2) JANE Magazine wanting to interview me for a segment on women who are creating their own success while living on the road less traveled.
3) Book Buyer for the U.S. Army who wants to buy a large amount of Sand in My Bra for the women who are going to graduate basic training this year.

I’m in Flagstaff, AZ and will tell you if you’re right.


  1. jeezum crow, i considered it a banner day enough when amina lawal was set free in nigeria!
    if you add all three to that, it’s explosively wonderful and 9-24-03 will be lottery numbers to play for decades.

    i’ll guess jane.
    no wait, all three, because the army would be so surreal it might just be true.

  2. No, not a trick question. A producer from Oprah called yesterday and asked for a book and our press kit. Susan told me when I was about an hour outside of Flagstaff. It’s very good news, but still nothing to get excited about. Susan quickly updated our review sheet and printed out a copy of our tour sheet and Pretty in Pink to go with the rest.

    It’s great to get on their radar. And now I have a decent answer for every person that comes up to me and tells me we should be on Oprah. Anyway, the interesting thing is that our distributors say that getting in the magazine is actually better for sales than the TV show.

    I just think it’d be cool if she came to my reading in Chicago. But hey, that’s asking for more than all three of these coming true. Thanks for playing along. Yesterday was exciting and now I have to high tail it 300 plus miles to Santa Fe.

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