Have I mentioned were doing a fourth humor book? There’s so much to do, I’ve gotten lost in the list. But yes, we are doing a fourth to wrap up the Empire of Undies. There was so much good material from Thong, that we’ve started with that, and are adding a bunch more. What Color is your Jockstrap? will release in Spring 06. And the big news….boys get to submit. That’s right, the men don’t have to have honey-pot envy anymore—we’re letting them in—so to speak…

But we’re on the rush job since we’re making it a Spring book. All stories are due now. As in, the next two weeks. Hurry up, can’t promise there will be more after this one.

Just do the usual. Send it to both me and Travelers’ Tales. And make sure to let us know you heard about it hear on Written Road.


  1. Jen,

    I am new to your site–love it! But how do you send a story to you? You mention to “Send it to both me and Travelers’ Tales.”


  2. Hi Carol, by clicking those links, you get our email addresses.

    jen at jenleo dot com
    submit at travelerstales dot com

    Welcome to Written Road! I look forward to reading your story.

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