For those of you who haven’t seen this already, Rucksack Wanderer Tim Patterson over at Brave New Traveler has come up with 6 most original travel-writer personalities:
-The Intrepid Monk
-The Epic Adventurer
-The Naked Introvert
-The Walking Party
-The Public Relations Professional
-The Guidebook Writer

Read and and have a giggle over the descriptions, he plays with numerous interesting characteristics of a travel-writer.

You will probably find that you have qualities from a few of the categories, yet don’t fit well into any one. I struggled to put myself in one of these categories, and in the end for argument’s sake rested at fitting into the Fool Guidebook Writer category:

The fool is young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He or she is probably intelligent, especially if working for Let’s Go Guides, and is absolutely thrilled to be on assignment as a professional travel writer.

The thrill lasts until the eager young writer gets off the plane and realizes he doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t have a clue about the culture and needs to turn in an exhaustively researched compendium by the end of the month.

At which point the fool checks into a youth hostel, crawls into the top bunk, pulls the sheets over his head and emerges only to throw himself on the mercy of the unfortunate English speaker at the Tourism Information Office.

Yikes? hehe

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