I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my dream job is. Right now, I don’t have one. And I think that’s a disgrace. Well, actually I would love to work for the weekly magazine, The Brisbane News. It’s small, it’s candid, and it’s got a very down home neighborhood feel to it. And… it’s in Brisbane, which I loved.

Other than that, and working on The Rough Guides travel tv show hosted by Magenta in the early 1990s, I’m at a loss for ideas.

To find some direction I’ve been asking myself-—What are my ideals? Who do I think is the best? These questions are haunting me and after being fortunate enough to work for two great travel companies like Travelers’ Tales and BootsnAll, the next job to come has some tough acts to follow.

Here are two cool jobs that I would love to have…
Online editor for National Geographic Traveler
Heather Morgan already has this job. Their Travel Wise section is one of my favorites and I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to work on that. Heather, need a hand? I think NGT is great in general and if you’re interested in submitting to their print magazine, read these first — National Geographic Traveler writers guidelines.

The other site I can’t get enough of is WashingtonPost.com’s “Search the World” function. I would love to work on this feature of their web site. And BTW, I think it’s too buried down the page. It’s a great service that more people could use if they knew about it.

So, what is out in the travel industry that you are happy working in, or would like to work for? I’m sure there are heaps of jobs that exist that I don’t even know about. And it’s important to keep dreaming…

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  1. I thought a job in “special sales” with BootsnAll was your dream job…remember – once the dream job is attained, the grass may always seem greener elsewhere.

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