Expedia is looking for a “Manager of Content Services, Expedia Luxury.”

I have some of those required qualifications, but I won’t be applying. I’d rather keep building on that list. The experience they want looks fun to attain. Especially the part about travel brochures. And online editorial experience.


  1. HI Jen,

    Some great stuff on your site. Nice seeing your picture too. How about regular updates on adventures in Belgium? By the way, what made you decide to stay?


  2. Yeah, and well, it’s in Bellevue. Guh.

    I think working in a monochrome beige suburb and in a monochrome grey cubicle work environment whilst writing and promoting gorgeous, luxurious travel possiblities around the world would drive one mad, really.

    Working on your own is harder but much more rewarding in what my values deem as mattering. Yep, sanity is the way to go. Poorer in pockets but not in soul.


  3. Everyone has different values. Lots have different goals. To each their own. If I find something travel related, I’m going to share it and leave it to the person on the other side to decide.

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