There's a fascinating discussion about why people want to write a book at

I've read the main post, but still need to go through all the comments to see what everyone else thinks. There’s lots to agree and disagree with. For me the reason to write a book is because what I have to say might entertain, enlighten, or inspire people. Ideally it would connect people to other people, and even to themselves when relevant. And also because I can. So can you. It’s totally possible. It’s not brain surgery or rocket science.

Here’s what the poster, Michael, suggested:

“So why do people do write books? I come up with these possible explanations:

* Some hope to hit the jackpot despite the odds
* Some have a dream about being an author, or taking part in “literature”
* Some are obsessed lunatics — ie., they feel they just gotta
* Some don’t know better (these usually never write a second book)
* Some have other ambitions, and writing a book is a step along the way
* A handful are determined to be trade-book authors as a career, and know what the game consists of, and have (or think they have) the tenacity, toughness, talent, luck and energy to succeed”

I’m not sure which of his theories I fall under. Maybe that last handful he talks about. I would say that I swing closer to the ambitious side of the pendulum than the obsessive one.

From my desk I just want to get started on the first book, or continue rather, and do whatever I can to pass out info to other writers on how this process can be simplified.

I found the link on my WordforWriters listserve ( which I highly recommend joining ( but they asked us to credit Neat New Stuff I Found This Week.

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