I was excited to see that my friend Jim is doing something ground breaking with Gadling.com.

Gadling Podcast: New Features and Interview With Jim Benning of Worldhum

This is a part of Gadling's second podcast. Here’s what you can expect.

“a new feature called Magazine Minute in which we talk (briefly, I swear) about the best items to be found in the top travel mags. We’re talking about Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Budget Travel and so on. Then we go over the Top Five posts from the previous two weeks, discussing any new info, what we thought about the posts, etc. Then we go straight into our interview with Jim Benning, the brains and brawn behind the excellent travel writing site Worldhum.”

Kayaker Erik Stiller was the interview subject on the first Gadling podcast. I can’t wait to listen to these! Hopefully I can without an ipod, otherwise, this is enough reason for me to go buy one right now. Erik Olsen, can you sell ipod’s from your podcast pages and get a kickback?

I spoke too soon! I’m listening to it right now!


  1. Oh my gosh this is so cool. You have to listen to this! A great way to get the travel recap if you’re too busy to read all the mags every month.

  2. Not exactly pertaining to this topic. Jen, there is a huge empty orange space above when I log in and then I have to really scroll well well below to read what you have uploaded. something is wrong on the tech front on this blog….

  3. Oh, I don’t know what to say Dusty, it looks the fine on mine. Chris and Sean are in Indonesia, so I’m not sure who can fix it.

  4. Nope. Same here and on all the computers in my office — Initially I thought your blog had disappeared and I freaked out. Then I happened to scroll way down and all the stuff was there. Have just surfed worldhum…good site

  5. I think the Hobart banner is taking up too much horizontal space, knocking the stuff on the right-hand side down to the bottom left of the page. (I’m seeing the same thing.)

    I think the best way to deal with this is to contact your tech person, grab a few drinks, see a movie, perhaps do a little shopping…

  6. Yeah, Dave. I was thinking it might be that image. I didn’t want to take it off because it was so pretty, but I’ll do that on my lunch break. I’m on a diff computer right now.

    BTW, I like your method to self-spoiling. What are you trying to do, make stats? 🙂 I need some new shirts…

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