If you have a fetish for strange and original travel-inspiration stories and want to have a go writing them, AND get paid for it, check out the first issue of Matador‘s new bi-weekly newsletter.

Aptly named ‘Traverse’, the newsletter aims at giving you a regular dose of selective and differentiated content from the travel-world, written by people who are passionate about travel and writing.

The newsletter currently stands short and sweet with 3 main feature articles, a ‘meet the traveler’ section, an NGO dedicated section, and a Matador news section.

We’ve written about Matador and it’s Bounty Board before, that’s where you need to look to get an assignment from Matador (for Traverse, or otherwise). Almost all the content of this first issue is from people who have submitted articles as requested on the Bounty Board.

Good news for those who don’t write for free: unlike any other budding travel website, Matador pays from $20-200 for every piece of writing. So sign-up at Matador if you haven’t already, you will be happy to see what you find.

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