If you’re sticking close to home this Labor Day weekend to follow up on your writing to-do list, here is a collection of a few more you might want to review:

Moon Travel Guides seeks writer for Spain guide

Witty and humorous well-traveled writer needed

Sage of Consciousness, an international e-zine, seeks submissions for their upcoming “Resonating Places” issue, all about the sense of place, the beauty of place, places that touch, inspire, revive, enlighten and delight. Deadline: October 10. (via Places for Writers)

Suitcase Generation, a new online magazine, seeks creative non-fiction, fiction, and travel pieces based on real-life experiences. Additional guidelines can be found here. Deadline: October 5.

The Transitions Abroad travel writing contest, is accepting submissions until November 1.

The Santa Fe Writer’s Project Literary Awards, which judge Ayun Halliday posted about on the Boots forum, is accepting entries until December 30.


  1. Kelly, great post! I agree, if only there was time…but believe it or not, I actually did start writing something yesterday. Only problem was inspiration hit as I was waiting for a plane. Which is fine, I had paper and pen and could have at it for a little while. The problem is that I ALWAYS fall asleep on planes. From either before or after take off till Bev service, or even after.

    But yes, lets all get writing. If not our own work, then stuff that will help us take our writing to the next level. For me, that’s press releases and such.

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