Hey Everybody, I just wanted to let you know that Written Road is going through a big growth spurt. We’re going to be adding writers, putting up some ads, and sending out a weekly newsletter. I’ve recruited some help with the content, and BootsnAll is pitching in with staff and tech help so that we can really expand this community of travel lovers and writers.

I’m really excited about it!

So, now’s the time to tell me how we can serve you better. Tell me what you like so we can do more of it.

I heard from some that the personal stuff about the poker got in the way, so I cleared that out. I heard that the market leads were a big help and that writers were using them to get assignments, so we’ve tried to focus on those. But there’s so much more to share. And hopefully, with the help of the new volunteers, we’ll be able to provide you with a bunch more inspiration, travel writing tips, and events closer to your home. East Coasters, get ready.

For those of you that write in asking me to review your travel product or service, we’re creating a new arena for you. It’s called the Market Place. It will be a page where you can buy an affordable ad and link to your product.

Here are all the details about how you can advertise on Written Road.


  1. Market leads, contests, calls for submissions. Definitely.

    Info on established writers.

    Workshop and conference info.

    Tips on good articles and blogs to check out.

  2. Market leads and calls for submissions are what I read and use most but I also like the “gossip” stories of what is going on in the world of travel writing and which authors are doing what. Without living in the States it is hard to keep current on those types of things. Your web-site is my link.
    Thank you.
    Keep it up!

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