Something Different 2 comments on Motorcycle Diaries

Motorcycle Diaries

THE MOVIE MD on THE HYPE Win a trip to Peru (from STA Travel), Bolivia from (, or books, soundtracks, and journals (from Lonely Planet) “New Yorker writer and Che biographer John Lee Anderson offers a thoughtful reflection on the ubiquitous Che image. Che, he writes, “lives on as a youthful recrimination of […]

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Market Leads 3 comments on Jest Magazine

Jest Magazine

Jest: Humor for the Irreverent I just found this from a submission call on Chicago Craigslist. And oh my gosh it’s funny. Unfortunately, I think some of my funniest friends don’t read this blog so I’ll have to send it to them separately. Here is the current issue. Here are two years of back issues […]

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A Writer's Life 0 comments on Influences on an Artist’s Creative Process

Influences on an Artist’s Creative Process

I'm in Portland, Oregon with Andrea and Dale. You might know Andrea from Andrea Johnson Photography. She won the 2003 Photo Award at the Book Passage Travel Writer’s Conference. Anyway, she and I were discussing editor/writer or editor/photographer relationships as it pertains to a bigger picture. What is influencing an editor’s life and immediate thoughts […]

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