The other day we had talked about getting a bad review. Today there is a good review. See how it works? It all just is what it is. This is from Inside Bay Area.

“The Thong Also Rises” (Travelers’ Tales, $14.95) edited by Jennifer L. Leo is the third in her series of humorous travel anthologies. In spite of the title’s questionable take-off on Hemingway’s classic novel, the essays are very funny.

In “Riding the Semi-Deluxe,” Megan Lyles talks about an interminable bus trip in India and her quest for a usable toilet. She eventually heeds Nature’s call and succumbs to a stall-less version. A giant pig enters the restroom and proceeds to… well, you’ll have to read the book.

On the other end of the luxury scale is the cruise. In “His and Her Vacations,” Jill Conner Browne maintains that unlike men, women like to be waited on hand and foot when they’re on vacation. Men, on the other hand, like to go to faraway places and shoot things.

Kathleen Grant Geib reviewed a handful of other travel books in her article as well.

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