For those located in New York City or in Paris, you’re in luck. A major NY-based travel publisher — unfortunately the listings don’t say which one — is looking for bloggers truly plugged in to what’s hip and happening in the two cosmopolitan centers.

Although the listings don’t indicate that you need to live in either of the two cities, they are looking for “intrepid insiders” meaning you need to have something fresh to say about hotel and restaurant openings, new and noteworthy shops, first hand advice, tourism advice, etc. The publisher is obviously going for a Gridskipper feel, so you should be comfortable writing short and snappy commentary. Bloggers will be responsible for 3-5 posts per week, and although payment isn’t specified, if you apply they’ll send along a rate sheet.

To apply:
1. Resume
2. Why you’re the ideal person to cover Paris or New York (in 40 words or less)
3. A link to your existing blog (if you don’t have a blog, please don’t apply)
4. Three timely posts, each including: headline, 150-200-word blurb, and appropriate tags (these should be written up from scratch based on the above guidelines, not copies of your previously published posts)

For Paris, submit here. For New York, submit here.

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