blogparty.jpgBudget Travel Magazine celebrated the one year anniversary of Budget Travel Online last week with a Bloggers Roundtable in Manhattan. Bloggers from Hotel Chatter, Gridskipper, Gadling and FlyerTalk weighed in on content, comments, and what makes a good travel blog. They answered questions and discussed a whole lot more, so be sure to scan the transcript of the event.

In an online chat with the Washington Post, Erik Torkells, Budget Travel’s Editor, shared further insight about what he looks for in a travel blogger.

And while we’re on the topic, I meant to mention this Tips for your Travel Blog piece that Justin posted at Vagabonding last month. Lots of good suggestions on how to make your travel blog stand out from the rest. Doing so might just catch the attention of an editor one day 🙂


  1. I can’t believe I missed out on something so fun! Yes, I would love to go to a travel bloggers meeting. Erik from Gadling and Mark from HotelChatter are terrific guys.

  2. How to Make Me Read Your Blog by Pam Mandel of Nerds Eye View might be of interest. It’s fabulous, funny with load of good ideas. Thanks for the links, Kelly.

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