I got the Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter in my inbox today and found an interesting market lead I hadn’t heard of.

Russian Life is looking for Western writers with a fresh perspective on Russia since most of their articles are written by Russian freelancers.

Here are their guidelines.

Sign up for the Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter if you can. It’s free.


  1. Hi Jen!

    Thanks for the tip, but I tried to access the WFW site and the url leads to a domian hold page. Are there maybe supposed to be hyphens in the url or something?

    Hope you’re doing well. And a big thanks for all the info you share with us all. It’s a big help! 😀

  2. Just so happens I’m going to spend 4 weeks in St. Petersburg this summer – now I have a possible market for stories. Thanks, Jen.

  3. Thanks for the fix Michelle. I’ll try to remember to fix it when I get back to London. Recent internet cafes have been very difficult. Can’t copy urls, cant open a new window. But who can complain about Baden Baden when I’m all dolled up and winning money!

    Happy this post helped.

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