Yesterday I was making a list of goals. Short, medium, and long term. Not a comprehensive list, but a start. Anyway, one of the items on the short term list is that I wanted three articles published by the end of the year. Not impossible, but the list I did the day before (Articles to write from the trip) had a few that require a certain amount of additional research. So, working on those probably won’t fulfill the 2003 list. These will turn into projects for Belgium.

Well, this morning the editor of BREAK magazine, a new glossy for STA Travel, emailed me and asked if I had time to write a 1200 word article for him. Why yes, yes I do.

Especially since he also edits a great magazine called JUNGLE, which I love.
So, I’m on my way to making that list of three happen.

I can’t remember when I left Atlanta, but I’m giving myself a week to stop talking about this psychic stuff. I think we still have time.

She doesn’t know me, and she said that I get lots of chances and opportunities but have started to let them slip by. (This is true, I’m practicing saying NO with a vengeance). She wasn’t bothered by this at all and said that’s just the way it is for me and that more and more opportunities will continue to come my way so not to worry about the ones that have been let go. Nice. This is one I don’t want to say NO to.

Here’s the other thing she said. Lots of unexpected things will continue to happen until next June. I don’t like this part very much, but if they keep coming in the shape of editors knocking on my door, well then…bring it on.

The funny thing is that I found the first two issues of BREAK when I was in Wisconsin and I brought them back so I could blog about them. Will do as a market lead later this weekend.

I’ve got to go rush down to Berkeley now so I can see Tim Cahill at Easy Going. YAY!


  1. I forgot to add the moral of the story. Open your mouth. Network. Say hello.

    This came because I introduced myself by email earlier this summer. I wasn’t aware that he kept my name in his file, but I’m glad he did. Thanks, Rogier!

  2. Laura, thanks for your nice comment. I’m happy that you’re getting something positive from WR. If you’re in the Bay Area, feel free to contact me if you’d like to meet in person.

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