Trazzler is a Tumblr-style new travel website that helps you decide where to go. It’s a new concept that gives you personalised, hand-picked travel options after analysing your travel history and even your personality traits. I recently wrote an intro on the site on Gadling, which you can read here.

As posted on Media Bistro, they are looking for:

Several Community Managers for regular, part-time monthly positions that will pay $1000 per month. The jobs entail writing trip pages and editing user submissions from your region or area of expertise, and also helping them “wrangle” high-quality existing content from their partners into the unique Trazzler style and format. Ideal candidates are power users who understand what makes Trazzler tick, can easily navigate the content creation tools (and let us know when something doesn’t make sense or could be better), and—most important—have a unique and personal way of traveling to share with fellow Trazzlers. Regional (e.g., Southern California, New England, Southeast Asia, Canadian National Parks……) or topical (skiing, spa, food…) expertise is required.

They will also continue to hire freelance writers to write blocks of trips about local regional weekend destinations, more far-flung locales, or an “obsessions” beat that spans the globe.

How to apply:
1. Sign up for

2. Request writer access.

3. Wait to receive an email with further instructions.

4. Submit a sample trip (or various trips).

5. Apply for the job in “My Trips” and we will review your trips and consider you for the open positions (and future opportunities, as well).

If you have questions you can interact with their team in the help forum.

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