I didn't know what to write about today. Hence the post at 3pm. This weekend I got a call back from a copywriting job I applied for in San Diego. They want to see my writing samples, which I’m sure I provided in the application as requested.

A dad-like friend asked me what I was up to early this afternoon, and after I replied something about TT work on Sand for a month in SF, then San Diego, etc, he said it sounded like I was on the lam. I have been getting several questions lately as to how all this book tour stuff works financially.

Well, TT is being great and paying for the transportation to the events. I usually have a free place to stay wherever I am. And when needed, they’ll kick in some expenses which have to be kept at an absolute minimum. Aside from that, I have to take care of me as would be expected. We’ve got two gigs in Seattle booked for early September, and now we’re trying for Denver, Chicago, and maybe Vegas in August and Sept. Since I don’t have steady work (BUT WANT IT SO BADLY) I’m trying to get my mind around how to handle earning an income in August and September. Securing a 40hr a week job that I punch the clock on is going to be difficult to get if I’m taking four day weekends every weekend in Sept. Krista and I are doing our best to keep all the events in September so this doesn’t string out through October and November.

The next two days I’m packing up and saying so long to peaceful Eugene. I will have one weekend of work, bbqs, and breakfasts in Portland, and then I fly down to SF where I will be spending my hard earned money on bridge tolls, gas, and bus fares.

Yesterday I had a lovely drive down the Oregon coast with two girlfriends. It was beautiful. Except for singing a few songs, I slept and kept quiet. And I knew exactly why. (for those of you who don’t know me, I’m rarely with my mouth shut) The rush and juggle of San Francisco, the same one that had me aching to leave a year ago, is almost upon me. My quiet time, my own personal space, walking and cooking whenever I want, is soon to be a memory. I am gearing up for the quickening. Fast paced work, hand selling at gift shops, book events, salons, social meetings, and the commute from Marin. This frenzy is a familiar feeling I’ve happily pushed aside the past year.

That said, I know it’ll be fun too. It’s terribly important to continue promoting the book and myself right now. Travelers’ Tales is being extremely generous with this opportunity to go full hog on Sand right now. Accepting it does come at a price, and I need to look at it as an investment. Imagine the dissatisfaction if I had no tour at all?

I am confident that the next three months will work out financially. But I can’t tell you how over that I am. I’ve learned that we don’t just want things to work out, we want them to work out for the best. Let me see what I can come up with. I am a firm believer that we can get what we want if we try. So, I expect to be able to meet my savings goals, and do all the necessary pr and events for Sand. Will keep you posted.

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