TONIGHT is the big event at The Savvy Traveller. For those of you who will be coming by there are three things to note:

1) It starts at 6pm. (We had it previously listed as 7pm) The store is located on South Michigan Avenue between Jackson and Van Buren.

2) They want you to bring two pairs of panties! These NEW pairs of undies will be donated to a local women’s charity.

3) It’s going to be a blast! Cynthia Barnes, Karla Zimmerman, and Brigid Kelso will be there. I’ll also be reading from my story and Felice Prager’s “The Big O” so it’ll be crazy, loud, laugh-your-ass-off FUN!

BTW, Francesca or anyone else who might be reading this…contact me by email. I think I lost my phone charger in Toronto. I’ll try to buy another one today, but I’m pressed for time and will be driving all morning before a noon event in Winnetka, IL at The Book Stall.

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