Yesterday night on the train I moved seats to let a family be closer to the tv I wasn’t watching. So, there I was hauling my crap up and down the aisle trying to decide what seat would be the best of the remaining options. ie: a spacious seat where I wouldn’t get stuck next to a chatty neighbor.

On my second trip up the aisle a young woman pounding away on her IBook saw me and moved her books to offer the seat next to her. That made the decision easier.

And you know what? We did end up chatting and I couldn’t have had a better seatmate. She told me all about her hometown in Alaska and I took notes because there was story written all over it. Then she showed me pics off her computer. I ended up giving her my purse copy of Sand in My Bra. Definitely a fair trade if you ask me.

You just never know where your next story idea is going to come from. My problem is that I find stories in everyone. But that’s my problem, not yours. Get resourceful! Get writing. Get pitching. Get bylines.

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