Good friend, fellow traveler and writer Sean McLachlan (who has shared his advice for us here before), has entered the blogging world to share his writing experiences.

Sean has been to 20 countries on every continent (except Australia and Antartica), is author of Moon Guidebook to London, the Insider’s Guide to Phoenix, and Globe Pequot’s ‘It Happened In Missouri’, and is thrilled to be in blogosphere! 🙂

His writing blog ‘Midlist Writer’ will offer readers (in his words): “…a clear view of the publishing world–without hyperbole, without spin, and without pipe dreams. Most serious writers who keep at it never make the bestseller lists. They become midlisters, like me. They juggle several different projects at a time, wearing several hats in order to maximize their chances of securing a deal. It ain’t pretty, but that’s the way the publishing industry is. If you’re an aspiring author, my life is your realistic expectation.”

It’s hard to find new blogs out there written by people with solid experience, willing to share it — without necessarily focusing on commercializing it. Do check it out when you get a moment!

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