With the recent change of the clocks, November evenings certainly have gotten dark. Sounds like it’s time to start focusing on writing about warm weather destinations to get you out of the approaching winter blues. Luckily the Central American Tourism Board is offering a familiarization trip to explore El Salvador. If you’re interested in writing about El Salvador and can take a trip on a short notice, it’s worth considering.

November 19-22

Tour of various El Salvador attractions including Puerta del Diablo, craft stores and markets in Nahuizalco, coffee-growing town Salcoatitán, Lake Coatepeque and Volcanoes Complex National Park. Click here for the Word document with a more detailed description.

For more information contact Ana Beatriz Flores at AnaBeatriz.Flores[at]hillandknowlton[dot]com.


  1. El Salvador in November! Sounds fantastic, wish I had time to go on this one.

    I’d like to do a story on that. Seems like South America is one of the few destinations that’s still somewhat a bargain. Plus airfare actually seems to be dropping. Could make a good budget minded travel piece.

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