Friday was a much better day. About a dozen hours of driving from Santa Fe, NM to Oklahoma City, OK. The Indian casinos have slowly dwindled down. And the sage brush has turned to flat green lots with the round hay bushels. Haven’t really seen any of those old red barns I like, but it’s still good to be under a great wide sky. Midwest sunsets are hard to beat.

I stopped at a rest stop in New Mexico around lunchtime. Got out my cooler and lunchmeat. A blue collar santa started walking towards me and I thought, here we go. What’s he going to say about the sign? For a split second I thought about quickly getting to the car so I could pick up my cell phone, but I didn’t. There weren’t that many people around but I was the first thing they’d see if they took the exit.

“I saw your sign,” he began.
His truck shirt said Dave and I introduced myself. He had seen me on the road when I passed him and wanted to know more. I told him and he wanted to buy one. Went back to his truck for the money. When he returned we sat down, had a chat, and I signed it to his daughter. First random sale.

Later in the day I visited the Cadillac Ranch in Amaraillo. Here are some pics for you. Big thanks for helping out, Rick!

Sand at the Ranch

Spreading the word

Having some fun

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