Tonight, the
Wild Writing Women have an event at Easy Going Travel Shop and Bookstore.

I’ll be mediating the panel discussion following the readings, and just threw together a few topics that we could discuss. I know it’s a bit late to notify you about the event so that you can come, but please let me know what other questions you’d be interested inhearing us discuss, and I can add them to our upcoming events/travel writing readings and panels.

Here are some of the things we’ll talk about tonight, click the more button for logistical details about the event.

1) Have any of your travels/travel writing
significantly affected the country you visited or
someone you met while you were there?

2) What are our inside tips for those just
starting out on the journey to become a travel

3)What are the differences between writing for a magazine v.

4) What’s the easiest way to get into a Travelers’ Tales book.

Tuesday, May 21, 7:30 p.m.
An Evening with Wild Writing Women
Readings from Stories of World Travel (Globe Pequot)
Panel Discussion on Travel Literature

From the Left Bank of Paris to the Lemur Forests of Madagascar, women of the San Francisco Bay Area writers’ group have motorcycled, trekked, danced, and loved their way across the globe. Capturing the essence of a woman’s adventure on the road,
Pamela Michael, Lynn Ferrin, Jennifer Leo,Carla King, and Danielle Machotka will read from their anthology Stories of World Travel and present an open panel discussion on The Art of Writing Travel Literature.

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