travelgearlogo.jpgMika Lepisto, has revived BootsnAll’s Travel Gear Blog—and it’s jamming. If you remember, our friend Joe Ehrlich started it a few years ago. Mika has given the site a makeover as a part of BnA’s Logue It series, and they’re looking for more writers.

As you would expect, the Travel Gear Blog reports on the latest gear for all kinds of outdoor pleasures. From tech gear to business traveler accessories, designer outdoor toys, and even news for those that travel with their pets. I like the outdoor gear section and the gear of the week page. Mika’s posts have a sense of humor as well as reverence for the traveling shopoholic in all of us. If you haven’t gotten in touch with your inner luggage hunter yet, you just wait.

Write for the Travel Gear Blog

Read their writers guidelines for the kind of blogger their looking for. But basically, if you have a passion for adventure gear, outdoor sports, travel accessories—and most importantly—know what you’re talking about, then step up and fill out a Logue It application. Check out the posts in their category index before writing your samples.

Who’s Mika Lepisto?
Born in Finland, Mika’s been a traveler literally from birth. His baby photographs show destinations from London to Barcelona and New York to Hawaii farbefore his memory started setting in. He’s got his Father’s jet setting business travel to thank for that. After landing Stateside in Portland, Oregon, Mika spent his young adulthood being addicted to computers, gadgets, cars and more travel. Combine that with owning purpose-built vehicles like ex-military Land Rovers, Mika’s gotten his hands dirty with all sorts of gear.
Gear for computers, gear for travel, gear for outdoors, and the Finnish favorite, gear for winter sports.

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  1. My basic problem with the Logues is not that they barely pay, but that they barely pay and expect 4-5 posts a day. Since most of us still have bills, how are we supposed to do that without (a) blogging at work, (b) not sleeping, or (c) for the fast writers, posting all 5 posts in evening/morning lumps. I have enough trouble with a one-post-a-day blog and a full-time job, although perhaps I put more research into my posts than BootsnAll is expecting.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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