Yes, oh my goodness – everyones on it! It seems to be invading the Internet by becoming this super informative portal where you can interact with anyone and everyone you’ve wanted to. I wonder how long this fad will last.

Anyway, coming to the point: I might have caught on to this LP Facebook group late (I am member number 1,018!) – but there seems to be a fully rocking travel-writing community on here.

Lonely Planet opens discussion on its wall and it becomes a forum on everything travel related. You can spring out a topic too, see the response, you might be surprised.

The latest post from LP is the following:
“In our discussion topics post a Travel Journalism piece, add photos if it adds to the piece.
It can be serious, funny, what ever you like, but we are looking for a piece of travel journalism, not a travel blog.

We will choose the winner and give that person a full critique of their work and tips and tricks from our team at Lonely Planet to help you define your style and answer any burning questions.”


Hmmm. Free advice from Lonely Planet on Facebook. Hmmm. Well. You’ll be getting someone from LP to read your piece, no matter how crap it is, that’s something to work a bit for dontcha think?

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  1. Hmm… Sounds pretty sweet – I wonder if it comes with a free helping of abuse from some of the Thorn Tree regulars too. Those guys would love another forum in which to be gratuitously cruel to unsuspecting newbies… 😛

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