I know, I know — you've heard that one before. But it works. It makes writing easier and less intimidating. It did for me today. I cranked out an article to pitch to national newspapers in conjunction with getting some Sand PR, and I had that baby done in 2 hours. I'm taking it to my writers group tonight for edits, and it's already in the inboxes of the TT staff waiting to see if they'll accept my alternative marketing idea.

If they don’t think it’s a fit for Sand, then I’m going to pitch it to some women’s magazines where I could make some money off it. It’d be a great match for one of my faves, Real Simple. Maybe even Self, and I’d have to check Jane one more time before submitting it there.

The idea is to give away free content in exchange for the kind of credit line that we want. Offering it up to lifestyle sections at newspapers across the country would maximize the exposure for the book. They get something they want, we get something we want — in their papers. You can’t always wait around for reviewers, ya know.

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