Another call for a freelance paid blogging position comes from our friends at Gadling.

Gadling is looking for bloggers to cover happenings of the global airline industry. So if you have your finger on the pulse of air-travel — enough to muster 7-15 posts a week — you’d be ideal for the position.

Interested applicants need to send an email to apps[at]gadling dot com, with the following information:

-Your full name.
-Your experience in the airline industry: ie do you work for an airline? do you fly a lot? why would you be suitable for this position.
-Blogging experience
– Write three original (as in never-before-published, online or off) blog posts that cover breaking airline industry news. Blog posts should be well-written in the style commonly used by Gadling bloggers: casual in tone, with a healthy dose of humor when applicable.

– Do not include any attachments. All information should be in the body of an email — including the sample posts.

All applications and sample posts to be emailed by Friday, September 21 at 8:00pm EST.

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