bookmarknow.jpgHey, we’re going to be a part of another Virtual Book Tour! Kevin Smokler, creator of the VBTs and who runs them for other authors and publishers, will be the star this time around. That’s right, Kevin is out with his own book, Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times. Please join us around lunch time today as Kevin gives us the inside to his travel phobias. Will he encounter any of them on his seven city national tour?

Personally I think Bookmark Now has been released at a great time. Are we as a society disappearing as readers? Bookmark Now says no. It is a collection of 24 essays from writers who chose to be writers when they had the option to go into film, video production, a plethora of internet possibilities, and more. Bottom line, they chose to be writers. We’re talking about Neal Pollack, Tom Bissell, Glen David Gold, Tracy Cheavalier, Meghan Daum, Dan Kennedy, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Robert Lanham, and more…

Before Kevin gets here, have a look at the success of the rest of the VBT that’s been going on all week.

UPDATE: Kevin got whisked off to an interview with USA Today and I suggested he write his bit for Written Road while he is actually on the tour…Kevin, can you give us the the top ten things that went wrong on your book tour? Trust me, there will be something….Maybe not ten, but some…and it’s all part of the fun!

Day 1:

Day 2:


Day 3:

The tour also got nice mentions from Susan Mernit and Neil Gaiman which kinda made me gasp.