I thought the title for the humor book was settled, but not quite. With catalog copy due to our distributors today, emails started flying again. New suggestions even adding to the mix. You’d think that a title is a title is a title. But that’s not true. There are many behind the scene factors that are considered including cover design coordination, what the sales reps can work with, and what connects to the content of the book, in addition to other obvious marketing and branding issues.

In between replying with my comments to all the on staff Travelers’ Tales editors, I started reading through the stories in the Table of Contents I reworked last night. So far, I’m still laughing out loud at stories that I thought were funny last month and a few weeks ago.

Here’s the current title (we still have a few more weeks before it’s set in stone)

Sand in My Bra And Other Misadventures:
Funny Women Write From The Road

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