Current Location: Las Vegas, NV

Current Weather: 70F, In the shaded patio

Current Reads: my email

Movies this week: Kung Fu Hustle

People I annoyed laughing like a crazy woman during Kung Fu Hustle: potentially 10

Days in Vegas since the move: 3

Number of times I’ve played poker: 1

Money won playing poker: $22

Money I’ve spent in valet parking: $8

Price of unleaded gas in Las Vegas: $2.51

Number of restaurants I’ve been to for dinner since getting here: 4

Number of strip clubs I’ve been to since getting here: 1

Number of new friends I’ve made: 7

Likelihood I’ll see them all today: 100%

Number of Canadians in this 7: 2

Number of poker media hacks in this 7: 3

Number of times since the first 24 hours that I’ve had to get out a map to find out where I’m going: 0

Number of different views of the Bellagio fountains I’ve had: 3

Times the Bellagio fountains gave me me and my computer a shower: 1

Parties I’ve been invited to: 1

Free drinks consumed at said party: 1

Nights I got home before midnight: 0

Days I got up before 9 a.m.: 2

Hours in a day I need to find for my writing: 6

Chance that will happen today: 15%

Wifi Girl: My new house!

Best time to visit me in Vegas: Mid-May, June

Dates I don’t want any more visitors than I already have booked: July with the possible exception of Mike Yessis from World Hum.

What are you up to?


  1. Hey Jen!! I’ll be in Vegas June 2nd-6th. Hopefully we can at least have a drink together. Seems like you’re having a great time already!

  2. Freesia! Great to hear from you!! Drinks, absolutely!

    And yes, I’m fitting right in. Just have to get used to the time difference…last night I didn’t get home till 3 a.m.

  3. Jen, congrats on a successful move! May your poker winnings (and writing time) grow for you over the next few months — I hope you are as hot at the tables as the rising summer temps! Maybe we’ll be able to chat through something other than Gmail when I hit the strip June 8-12 🙂 Good luck and enjoy Vegas!

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