“If you are currently scribbling for free or can’t seem to move on from writing low paid SEO articles, this book will put you on the write track…”

And also if “…you are feeling out-of-the-loop and unqualified, or a ‘wannabe’ accused of being personally responsible for bringing down the level of the travel industry by supporting the pesky freebie brigade…” you want to read this book, NOW.

It was so refreshing to read a down-to-earth, no-frills, useful guide to travel-writing, written from personal experience, and not with aim of making money.

Written by Helen Leggatt, now full-time travel-writer at So Much World, the book is full of personal and professional anecdotes of how you can realistically make it in the travel publishing industry; because that’s what she did, and she had no previous writing qualifications or experience.

The book is informative and entertaining and covers all topics that you can think of:

-Have you got what it takes?
-What’s holding you back?
-Set goals to make each day count
-Stuck for ideas?
-Niche your work
-Market yourself
-Ready to submit?

Helen also speaks about different subjects to some well-known travel-writers such as Ellen Barone, Carl Parkes and Mark Moxon, AND…………………………(the trumpet sounds) to ME! I can’t believe that I have shared being in a book with these writers!

A must read that can be downloaded for free from the new website www.travel-writers.info, a website dedicated to quality travel-writing online.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Abha! I’ve had so much fantastic feedback about my ebook, I’m overwhelmed. I was a tad nervous about putting it out there, at first, but I’m so glad the team at So Much World pushed me.

    Finally, thanks for your contribution Abha and for all your support.

    Best wishes
    Helen Leggatt

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