The event at Charis Books Wednesday night was a great way to end the tour! Most of the women’s events I’ve been to have been rather small, so I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise, Charis is in a league of their own. They are celebrating their 29th birthday Nov 1 and don’t seem to be showing effects of struggling. The store is lively with women specific gifts and a lovely children’s section, too. Their staff is quite involved, and from what I saw a large part of their success can be attributed to the Charis Circle.

We got there as they were setting up for the event and I got to meet several people before we got started. Twenty five people turned up, and four brought bras! They were definitely ready to laugh, and laugh they did. We talked about travel, about the upcoming sequel – Whose Panties are These? And how one woman can get her travel writing memoir started and sold.

One woman was buying a book for her friend that she’d biked across country with back in ’95. I said, any chance that was Bike-Aid, and sure enough it was. I told her that I had ridden the first all women’s route in ’93 and she was floored. We continued to laugh about our cycling adventures and held up the tail end of the line. Another woman bought four books for her friends, and still others were buying signed copies for Xmas gifts. I can’t wait to see the Charis bra pics! (I forgot to have someone take pics with my camera)

Big thanks to Karla and Emily for their quick post-event comments on WR.

Here are the Charis ladies and their four bras.

Here is Karla acting unsure of what to do with this three boob bra from Memphis.


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