Part three of how to create video without losing your shirt is coming next week. This week I’m passing along a few blogs I would recommend adding to your RSS reader. Of course this is only a partial list, so if you have any another other suggestions please, feel free to comment.

10,000 Words
10,000 Words is written by Mark S. Luckie, a print journalist who discovered his hobby of multimedia and his love for journalism could be combined to great effect. This blog offers journalists and web aficionados practical tips on how to best incorporate multimedia into their work. The site also culls the web for up and coming or underused technologies that enhance journalism.

Digital Photography School
Written by Darren Rowse, Digital Photography School provides simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras. The posts are phenomenal and the content top notch. If you have a digital camera, following this site is like taking multiple photography classes at once.

E-Media Tidbits
Poynter’s Amy Gahran edits a solid daily blog pointing to some of the best multimedia on the web.

A great reference for how media is shifting online and how this change affects society and culture.

Teaching Online Journalism
Written by Mindy McAdams, a professor of journalism at the University of Florida, this blog is a key resource for new websites, SEO information, and new media curriculum.

Online Journalism Blog
An ongoing commentary on online journalism, interactive storytelling, publishing and all things new media.

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