, the online version of The Boston Globe is inviting travelers to blog about their travels in their travel weblog section.

I’ve been on the hunt for travel blogs anywhere, so please pass them my way if you see any that haven’t already been mentioned here.

And of course, I highly recommend that you get your travel blog done through BootsnAll Consulting. Tell them I sent you. They’re terrific, affordable, and the ones they’re doing now are much more handsome than this one.


  1. I read this last night and immediately zoomed to their site to check it out. This is my passion – weblogging from the road. Thanks to your suggestion here, I’ve sent off an email. We’ll see. Hopefully they’ll respond a little more quickly than the standard query 😉 I’m overdue for my fall road trip. By the way, I’m in the process of re-organizing my online travel writing and blogging and will link you to it as soon as it’s presentable. Struggling with HTML and may bend the budget and check into BootsnAll consulting. Will keep you posted 🙂

  2. Rabbit,
    I’m so glad that you feel comfortable to comment, and I’m thrilled that I can point you in useful directions.

    Emailing to find out about their blogging services, is well worth the two minutes. I think you’ll find that they are very affordable, and the fact that they do custom blogs is increasingly important for those of us who want to set our reporting a part from the free diary type bloggers on or other free sites.

    Good luck and can’t wait to see your new sites!

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