This looks like a great article, but it’s one to get the paper for. The website gives you a series of pdf downloads that is annoying unless you have the ability to print it out.

What a Site: 36 Web Addresses You Should Know

What I especially like is their “cons” and “new and notable” section. Good proof that Carol Sotilli was thorough with her research. Not to mention helpful for those of us who’ve heard of these sites but haven’t visited in a while.

They covered a lot of the usual suspects you see again and again. But at 36 sites, it’s still a limited article. One glaring omission was a category for community. There was no section on travel writing, travel blogs, nor great travel newsletters. I didn’t like seeing BootsnAll and Mobissimo missing from the list. Their PR peeps should be all over that.


  1. Where can I find a directory that refers adventurous people to places to stay that have no air conditioning, phones, TV but are really close to incredible rainforest hiking (like our place) or other nature locals?

  2. We love Bryce Resort located in Basye, Va. The water tubing and golfing is superb as well as sking and tubing in the winter season. A four season resort taylor made for families!

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