I got a great call today. But first the backstory. Yesterday, I was trying to set up an event in Atlanta, GA where I’ll be handing over the BraMobile to Raj Khadka, long time TT editor and friend. It so happens that Atlanta has a women’s bookstore similar to the one’s I’ve read at in Portland and Eugene. So, I called them. They are Charis Books & More, a feminist bookstore that’s been going strong for 29 years.

I got the usual response that it was much too short notice even at nearly two months, (the date I wanted was Oct 22). It was a quick call. Before hanging up, the manager, maybe she was the owner, told me that it sounded like fun and she’d try to fit me in.

Well, this morning Cherie called back apologizing that she hadn’t recognized our names (mine and the book), and that not only would they love to do an event, but that we were “The Book.” She kept saying it, “Theeee” and not pronounced “Thuh.”

I asked what that meant, and she said that Sand in My Bra has been their bestseller of the week for awhile now. I asked if it was up on their website and she admitted that they were behind. Cherie was gushing, which was nice to hear because except for Raj and his wife Pakriti who I haven’t even met yet, I don’t think I know anyone in Atlanta. She went on to say that one of her staff is a huge fan. After looking at their website, I think it’s Fiona.

Meanwhile, we’ve also gotten two radio gigs, a private event in Las Vegas, another homecoming at Easygoing in Berkeley, and Baltimore, MD and Ashland, OR are on deck. Another big thanks to Cindy for all her support today. She’s been faxing away to Chamber of Commerces across the country in hopes that we can get some businesses to toss a bra in the backseat!

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