I am now officially a Brooklynite. About two weeks ago I relocated to Greenpoint, in the northwest corner of Brooklyn. It’s a mostly Polish community, but has recently seen an influx of hipster types escaping the Manhattan-like rents of nearby Williamsburg. My wife and I were actually expecting to land in Manhattan, but begin looking around Brooklyn and found a place that we just couldn’t pass up. It took us about 25-hours total from arrival in New York to signing a lease. We feel lucky.

Our place is actually quite large for New York. It’s a 2nd floor 1-bedroom, but with ample space, so I don’t feel cramped when working at home and our 2 cats can run around like madmen. We’re on the westernmost street in the westernmost neighborhood in Brooklyn, so we can see the Manhattan skyline from our windows. As I type I can turn in my new swivel chair and see the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Buidling. Granted there are a couple of warehouses I need to look over, but it’s still very hard to not be inspired.

This is the first permanent home I’ll have in about 6 years. I’ve lived in Lima, Peru or Columbus, Ohio for six months at a time when not traveling, but in apartments I never considered staying in for longer. I have a real desk where my laptop can properly sit. No more typing on my ass from my bed or from a card table, which sadly I’ve done far more than I would like to admit.


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